Boiler Installation

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Whether you’re installing a boiler for the first time, or upgrading an old boiler, we provide and install the right boiler for your needs and budget.

New Boiler Installation

Boilers that are over ten years old waste up to 40% of the energy used to heat water.  Replacing an old boiler makes a significant difference to your bills and the reliability of your heating. 

This could save you up to 30% a year off your heating bill.


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Boiler Types
System Boilers

Use a cylinder to store hot water, but the majority of heating still takes place in the boiler itself. Ideal for homes with more than one bathroom and hot water is in high demand.

Combi Boilers

Also known as Combination boilers, produce both heating and hot water on demand, without the need for a separate water cylinder. Their compact design is ideal for smaller properties.

Regular Boilers

A more traditional boiler, uses a hot water cylinder as well as a cold water and additional storage tank, usually located in the loft space. A good option for replacing existing old boilers without the need to update the entire central heating system..

  • Greenstar i System (9kW to 24kW)
  • Greenstar i System (27kW and 30kW)
  • Greenstar CDi Classic System
  • GB162
  • Greenstar Danesmoor System Oil
  • Greenstar Danesmoor External System Oil
  • Greenstar i
  • Greenstar Si Compact
  • Greenstar CDi Classic
  • Greenstar CDi Compact
  • Greenstar CDi Highflow
  • Greenstar Heatslave II Oil
  • Greenstar Heatslave II External Oil
  • Greenstar Ri (12kW to 24kW)
  • Greenstar i System (27kW and 30kW)Greenstar Ri (27kW and 30kW)
  • Greenstar CDi Classic Regular
  • GB162Greenstar CDi FS Regular
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Regular Oil
  • Greenstar Danesmoor Utility Oil
  • Greenstar Danesmoor External Oil
  • Greenstar Utility Regular Oil