Solar Panels

Clean Renewable Energy That Saves

Solar energy provides cost effective independence for your electricity needs. With the latest solar technology installed you reduce your bills, your reliance on external power suppliers, and global reliance on fossil fuels.  Good for your bank balance, good for the planet.

And You Even Get Paid!

When your system generates more electricity than you need, that power can be fed back in to the national grid, and you are paid for this.  The government even operates a scheme known as the Renewable Heat Incentive that pays an additional cash-back as an incentive for doing this.

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Domestic and Commercial Solar Energy

We supply and install cutting edge solar power systems for both homes and commercial properties, taking care of all aspects of your project, including:

• Full Solar Power Installations
• Inverter upgrades and replacements
• Monitor systems
• Battery systems
• Immersion diverters
• Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
• Bird protection

The Solar Power System

Your solar power system will consist of several elements, and we will guide you to make sure that your system is made up of the elements that fit both your needs and your budget.

These are the panels that actually use sunlight to generate electricity. Each panel produces an amount of energy, and the more panels you have, the more power you get.

This is the conversion and control box that takes the power from the panels and feeds it in to your own electricity system. It also feeds your power back in to the national grid when you have excess energy so you also earn money back.

These are made up of sensors, control elements and software that pick up information about your system and the environment around your property to allow you to make sure your system is working as efficiently as possible at all times.

By storing excess energy from your solar panels, you still have free power once the sun goes down. You can even store cheaper rate electricity from the grid (e.g. Economy 7) and use it through the day time, making a significant difference to your bills.

Rather than sending your excess power to the grid, it can be used to power a hot water immersion heater allowing you to reduce your water heating bill.

If you have invested in an electric car, complete your renewable energy cycle by re-charging your car from your solar power system. Zero cost motoring!

Solar panels work by exposing as much surface area to sunlight as possible. Bird droppings on the panels can make a big difference, especially over time, and nesting can result in damage to cables. Deterring birds with mesh and spikes can really make a difference to your savings.

Upgrade to Save

Technology continues to advance, and solar panels and inverters are continually improving.

We only ever fit the latest technology, so if you have an older solar power system, upgrading can make a significant difference to how well your system performs.

The upgrade can be as simple as adding additional panels, changing your existing panels for more efficient models, and/or updating the inverter to a model that extracts more energy from all your solar panels.

Call to find out more, and see how an upgrade could mean you get even more out of your solar power system.

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